September 28 - October 1, 2017 6th international scientific conference "New operational technologies."
  • 5th international scientific conference "New operational technologies"
  • In 2002 on the initiative of corresponding member of RAMS, Professor I. D. Kirpatovskiy for the first time in Moscow was held a scientific conference "New operational technologies." All subsequent conferences, with the support of Professor I. D. Kirpatovskiy was held in Tomsk.

    In the framework of scientific cooperation, Tomsk State University and the research Institute of microsurgery and with the support of the Russian University of Peoples Friendship, on 28 September - 1 October 2017 will be the next international scientific conference "New operational technologies", which is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding Russian scientist Igor Dmitrievich Kirpatovskiy.

    Igor Dmitrievich Kirpatovsky – academician of RAS, honored scientist of Russia, a distinguished transplant surgeon of Russia, a pioneer of combined methods of transplantation of endocrine glands, the author of techniques of transplantation of male and female sexual glands, pituitary and hypothalamus, technology correction of hermaphroditism, etc.

    The conference will include well-known scientists in the field of transplantation, reconstructive, endoscopic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, surgical andrology and robotic.

    A number of presentations on various aspects of the future of medicine will be made.

    A feature of the conference – an interdisciplinary approach. Along with medics it will involve physicists, chemists, experts in the field of IT-technologies, etc.

    Key speakers:

    · Beatriz Berenguer – MD, PhD, Professor of Plastic Surgery, Division of Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Hospital Universitario Gregorio Marañón, EURAPS President 2016-17, Madrid, Spain;

    One of the leading experts in the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery with experience of over 16 years. Trained in the best centres in Spain, Europe and USA. The most part of her career she spent at the clinic La Luz and the University Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, Madrid. In 2016, was elected President of the European Association of plastic surgeons (EURAPS). One of the priority directions of her activities she considers the development of research activities, the use of advanced technologies and techniques in plastic surgery.

    · Milomir Ninkovic - Professor, Dr. med. Univ. ic, Munchen, Germany;

    A specialist in post-traumatic and after-cancer aesthetic and functional outcome, congenital malformations, hand surgery (functional reconstruction, transplantation of tendons, damage nerves), aesthetic surgery, burn surgery. Chief doctor of the clinic Bogenhausen, Munich, Germany.

    · Sarah Prinzessin von Isenburg – Dr. med, Plastic Surgeon, Munchen, Germany;

    Is one of the leading specialists in the removal of wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin with the use of modern methods of laser treatment, blepharoplasty and breast surgery. Interned in the Department of plastic, reconstructive, hand and burn surgery, clinic Bogenhausen under the supervision of Professor Milomir Ninkovic. During her studies she participated in numerous international and national conferences and trainings – including partially in the United States. She was awarded in July 2014 by scientific scholarship EBOPRAS. In addition to numerous lecturing activities, from 2012 to 2014 she was Chairman IPRAS-TA at the international level for the training of young plastic surgeons. Currently, her clinical research focuses on regeneration of autologous signaling proteins from peripheral blood.

    · Constance Neuhann-Lorenz – MD, Plastic Surgeon, Munich Germany, President Women For Women, Munchen, Germany;

    She is considered as a leading expert in neck lift and face, operations on the eyelids, rhinoplasty and laser treatment, surgery of the breast and tightening of the body also relate to their areas of specialization. As the organizer of scientific academies, seminars and workshops in aesthetic and plastic surgery, she is in constant communication with the most prestigious national and international colleagues. As the initiator and co-founder of the humanitarian project WomenforWomen IPRAS (International Confederation for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery), an international organization of professional associations of plastic surgeons, she directs operational activities in developed countries to help the disadvantaged and disfigured women.

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